How to avoid burn out early in your career

In my line of work I often see clients who grapple with the stresses of finding a healthy balance between their work and personal lives. Particularly in the current economic climate where there exists a culture and expectation that one must work as many chargeable hours as possible. Unfortunately and more often than not, by the time clients come to see me it is too late, they have lost their balance and are left struggling in various aspects of their lives and relationships.

Challenging workplace bullying

Bullying is endemic in society but when we think of it, we generally conjure up images of the school playground. Bullying, in all of its forms is rife at school and it’s likely that we have all known someone who was either a bully or a victim of bullying during our formative years. Sadly, however, bullying isn’t just restricted to childhood. Bullying in the workplace is now such a serious problem that each year in November, an entire week is dedicated to campaigning against i